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The CEDS: continuing education for leaders in diplomacy and strategy

Created in 1986 from the École des Hautes Études Internationales, a private institution of higher learning, which has now become HEIP – École des Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques, the Centre d’Études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (CEDS) has a dual objective:

  • To enable career diplomats, consular officers and senior private sector executives to update and deepen their knowledge of international relations
  • To contribute to the deepening of the knowledge of French and foreign decision-makers in charge of foreign relations and of the interests of their country or their company, on the diplomatic, economic, commercial or legal level: this is the mission of the advanced training courses organized in collaboration with the governments and the companies which request them

The main assets of the CEDS

Programs dedicated to executives and diplomats with proven professional experience

A great diversity of professional profiles and nationalities among the auditors

Courses taught by experts and renowned university professors

Flexibility of the training offer constantly adapted to the expectations of the political and strategic environment

A network of influential former auditors on the international scene

The power of a group

CEDS is part of the OMNES Education group . As a leader in private higher education, OMNES Education is the only group to offer a range of courses covering the main areas of higher education and research: Management, Engineering, Political Science and International Relations, Communication and Advertising.

They have a strong identity but also common points: a highly qualified faculty and recognized professionals. Their ambition is to promote thestudent experience in the service of employability.

The schools offer students a differentiated educational experience with a clear objective: to develop their employability. Regardless of their career plans, OMNES Education Group graduates benefit from easy access to employment, not only upon graduation, but also throughout their professional career.

Updated 28 June 2022