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June 2022
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What is a Cybersecurity Policy and Practice course?

The Cybersecurity Policies and Practices training is a 7 business day training course aimed at :

  • To make known the threats on the information systems and their evolution
  • Mastering protection techniques and the strategic, political and regulatory environment

This program provides a better understanding of the evolution of forms of conflict and threats, particularly since the development of new forms of cyber attacks. Delivered by experts in function, it allows to better know the strategies shaped at different geostrategic levels, the policies put in place in the reference territories, the standards developed in cybersecurity.

What are the reasons to take a Cybersecurity Policy and Practice course?

Master the specialized field of latest generation attacks and threats.


Master the techniques of protection against cyber attacks and know how to adapt them to the geostrategic context and to political, legal and economic constraints.


Courses are taught by leading academics and experts in the fields of cybersecurity, strategy and international relations.

Sample courses:

  • The new face of cyberwarfare
  • Regulatory constraints in cybersecurity strategies


The program is delivered over 7 business days, depending on demand, from June 2022 to June 2023.


The short courses are open to anyone who wants to take them.

Access Requirements

The auditor must submit an application file consisting of a CV and a copy of a valid ID.


All our speakers are lecturers or experts in their field.


The program culminates in a certificate of completion in “Cybersecurity”.


Classes are held at 10 rue Sextius Michel 75015 Paris.

Tuition Fees

2 000€

Success Rate

The success rate is 99%.


The premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Our programs can be followed in person or by videoconference, at the choice of the listener.

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Updated 30 June 2022