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The CEDS offers Master’s and Doctorate programs in the fields of political science, international relations and diplomacy

Our PhD

The PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy was created in 1998 in response to requests from diplomats, senior executives, government officials and military officers seeking an in-depth educational program to update and expand their expertise in their field.

The PhD program, available exclusively in English, is taught by renowned university professors and experts in diplomacy, strategy and international relations.
The diversity of cultures and nationalities allows each student to enrich his or her career path and research, particularly during the different sessions of the PhD program.

Since 2021, the academic direction of the CEDS proposes three different specializations within the PhD.


Our MPAs offer diplomats, senior officers and executives wishing to deepen or diversify their knowledge and skills, courses adapted to their expectations and professional constraints.

Master’s level programs cover a broad spectrum of fields from diplomacy to conflict resolution and include the study of specific geopolitical areas.

Our Short Courses

The CEDS offers short training courses to enable working professionals to familiarize themselves with or brush up on specific topics or skills.

These certification courses take place several times a year.

Updated 27 June 2022