MPA (Master in Public Administration)  IN INNOVATIVE DIPLOMACIES

starts on June 7, 2022

Purpose :

Nowadays the conventional official diplomacy is being overrun by alternative practices where the official actors and diplomatic missions go through new areas  and where plenty of non-official actors are involved in conflict resolution.

The purpose of this course is to provide an appropriate teaching on all those alternative ways of practicing diplomacy through culture, science, business and especially with the support of non-official actors within the civil society.

Eligible candidates :

To be eligible a candidate is expected to hold a Master 1 level grade

and to be an executive with at least four years of professional experience in diplomacy, civil service, armed forces or private companies.

Schedule :

Six months of lectures, conferences and workshops.

A timeline of six months to present and defend a research master level thesis.

The lectures and workshops take place one intensive week every two months  face to face as well as by videoconference.

Topics :

Fundamental courses :

  • The multifaceted practice of diplomacy and the mobilization of economic and cultural actors
  • The transformation of multilateral diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy soft power and public diplomacy
  • Civil society and non-official diplomacy
  • Scientific diplomacy and public policies toward foreign students and researchers


  • Workshop on alternative diplomacies and conflict resolution
  • Workshop in methodology of research and case studies
  • Workshops on geopolitical areas studies
Award :

The candidate who successfully passes the aforementioned courses and requested assignments  and defends successfully his research thesis is awarded the (MPA) Master in Public Administration  in diplomatic studies.


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