Programme’s Objectives

The PhD programme in international relations and diplomacy (taught in English) is designed for diplomats, senior civil and military officers, and private companies senior executives in order to guide them in a research process that will provide them with a high level of expertise in their own research area.


Florence GABAY

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This programme is designed for diplomats, officials and high-ranking civil servants in addition to senior executives.

The maximum number of eligible candidate is determined each year by the Academic Board.

Since it was created in 1998, the programme has already graduated several civil and military senior executives from many countries from Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

  • To hold a Master 1 level grade (exceptions are duly considered by the board according to the candidate’s
  • To have at least four years of professional experience in diplomacy, or as a senior executive in state civil or military service or in private companies.


  • International Law
  • International economics
  • Global management
  • Strategy and international

(covering many geopolitical areas)

  • International politics
  • Diplomacy
  • Geopolitic


  • Diplomacy
  • Methodology of research

In addition, diplomatic negotiation exercises are taking place either under the supervision of diplomatic experts or inside the war college.

Lectures and workshops are delivered on Thursday all day and Friday morning from April 2019 to February 2020.


The PhD programme encompasses one year of courses, lectures and workshops and up to three years of research.

The lectures are expected to take place on Thursday all day and Friday morning from Mai 2019 to February 2020

list PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy
open book PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy


They are given three full years maximum to undertake their research under the supervision of a CEDS professor, and to submit a 300 pages minimum PhD dissertation in order to defend it before an academic jury.

Once this last step is successfully passed, the candidate is awarded the PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Partner universities

The best candidates are allowed to apply for a co-tutella or a double supervision with one of the partner universities in Europe if they meet the latters’ requirements (if they are eligible by their respective boards, find a supervisor for their research and pay the additional fees due to the partner university).


For the academic year 2018-2019,

tuition fees amount to 8850€ for the first year

Tuition fees amount to 1500€ for each of the second and third year.

Additional defense session fees: 600 €.

  • Opening – Metodology of research – Workshop
  • Geopolitics (Africa)Course
  • Geopolitics (Middle East)Course
  • Strategy and international relationsCourse
  • Strategic managementOnline
  • Metodology of research – Workshop
  • Geopolitics (Eurasia)Course
  • Geopolitics (Africa)Course
  • Research, international lawCourse 
  • Green management and sustainabilityOnline
  • Metodology of research – Workshop
  • Geopolitics (Russia) – Course
  • Geopolitics (USA)Course
  • Diplomacy UN Negociation exercise – Course and workshop
  • Meeting with SupervisorsWorkshop
  • Hi Tech managementOnline
  • Diplomacy – Workshop
  • Research, international economicsCourse
  • Geopolitics meetingOnline
  • Research and Thesis dissertationRemotely
  • Planning

    • Period 1 : June, 2 – July, 31 2020
    • Period 2 : Sept, 7 – Oct, 31 2020
    • Period 3 : Dec, 7 – Jan, 31 2021
    • Period 4 : Feb, 1 – March, 21 2021
    • Period 5 : From April 1, 2021 to June 31, 2023
    • Grand oral exam : Feb 5, 2021
    • Research and Thesis dissertation : from July 2021 to June 2023
    • Soutenance : June 30, 2023
planning CEDS Ph.D anglais PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy