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Risk Management has become a key process to assess, allocate and manage international risks in a context of increasing uncertainty : it has to take into consideration a large number of factors, for the account or under the control of various actors : companies, customers, governments, shareholders and stakeholders (NGOs).

The first aim of this course is to provide a general understanding of risks, from both an economic and financial perspective, according to the levels of risks attached to corporate strategies and targeted countries. The second aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of connections between such risks and a general methodology to assess and mitigate them.


The programme is scheduled on the basis of one full academic year of lectures, workshops and research :

  • September to December 2020 : courses and workshops on the basis of one full week a month and weekly sessions on Thursday and Friday
  • January – June 2021 : research under the supervision of a professor appointed by CEDS in order to submit and defend a master thesis.
  • Fundamental courses

Three courses To be selected inside a list of courses on international business, country risk evaluation, European economic space, etc.

Evaluation : Final oral exam

  • Workshop in diplomacy and business diplomacy

Evaluation : Written assignment and oral restitution

  • International organizations and global economy

Evaluation : Written assignment on a case study

  • E learning courses in geopolitics and green management

Evaluation : MCQ or QSA

  • Methodology of research and master thesis

Evaluation : Research proposals

  • Master thesis

Evaluation : Submission and defence

  • Planning

      • First Semester
        • Master’s degree: September 15
        • Master class on 5, 6 and 7 October
        • Exams : December
      • Second Semester 
        • E-learning courses
        • Memoir: September, 2022
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pierre mourlevat 150x150 M2 International Business & DiplomacyProgram Director: Pierre Mourlevat

Mr. Mourlevat (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Ecole Nationale d’Administration) is general auditor at the Ministry of
Finance. He is a former economic and financial counsellor at the Treasury Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance.
He served as economic counsellor at the French embassy in Seoul, Bangkok, Vientiane, Ankara, Tel Aviv, and as minister
counsellor for economic affairs at the French embassy in Alger, Abu Dhabi (responsible for Gulf countries, Yemen, Irak and Iran) and Tokyo. He is also member of the French-Japanese economic forum.

As general auditor he is specialized in public health policies.

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