This program of the CEDS Master cycle allows students to specialize in international governance and development policies within inter-governmental organizations and NGOs.

In the context of economic, legal and institutional globalisation, which requires reflection on the rules of the game of global governance and the conditions for maintaining peace, countries with a strong historical and cultural tradition, including France, are led to broaden their fields of cooperation and development, to integrate the issue of migratory demography and to adapt their methods.

New priority themes are emerging for human development, such as environmental protection or protection against insecurity and terrorism.


The CEDS Master cycle is composed of a joint programme for CEDS auditors and a speciality programme.

The common programme is composed of 2 specialised seminars:

SEMINAR 1: International Organizations, Multilateral Diplomacy and Conflict Management

  • Dynamics of the United Nations system
  • Military, economic and cultural organizations
  • Regional organizations
  • International organizations and their involvement in conflicts
  • Multilateral diplomatic negotiation.


SEMINAR 2: Methodology and Introduction to Research

  • Initiation to scientific research in the social sciences and international relations and in the study of crises and conflicts
  • The essentials of research and information exploitation
  • The method of writing the research paper.
  • Lectures in international relations and diplomacy

Two electives to choose from: (Diplomatic Law – Diplomatic Studies – State of the World Studies – Peace and Development).

  • On diplomatic studies seminar

• Diplomatic practice and understanding of international dynamics

• Various tools and levels of diplomacy, decisionmaking processes and foreign policy doctrines

• Diplomatic law and protocol

  • Planning

      • First Semester
        • Master’s degree: September 15
        • Master class on 5, 6 and 7 October
        • Exams : December
      • Second Semester 
        • E-learning courses
        • Memoir: September, 2022
planning M2 CEDS anglais 1024x496 M2 Diplomacy and International Relations

Photo E.AVICE  225x300 M2 Diplomacy and International RelationsProgram under the direction of Edwige Avice (former Minister)

Ms. Avice began her career at Crédit Lyonnais and then in the office of the CEO of the Paris Hospitals. She then joined the government as Minister for Cooperation and Development, Youth and Sport, Deputy Minister to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence.

She then founded Financière de Brienne, a company investing in strategic high-tech SMEs, and is its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

She also acts as a consultant as a European expert.

Certification of HEIP programs. HEIP issues certifications and recognition of diplomas. Our status under the 1875 law on higher education allows us to award diplomas in the same way as public universities : students who have completed a HEIP Bachelor’s degree can, for example, then enroll in other prestigious public institutions such as an IEP, the Sorbonne(…) in France or for a Master’s degree at a university abroad. This status also allows us to attract renowned professors who teach in other prestigious institutions, or diplomats, generals, lawyers, magistrates. All our diplomas awarded at the end or our higher education programs (M2) are certified by the State (recognition of level I, and European level 7).


9 500 € / year