32 years ago, CEDS was created in order to enable diplomats working in Paris, to find a place where they can meet, improve and update their knowledge.


Over years, the specialized programmes were enlarged beyond the circle of diplomats, and welcomed international civil servants and military attachés from more than 100 nationalities.


CEDS is honoured to become a partner of the War College since 2007.


The exceptional specialized programmes CEDS provides are correlated to high quality of our team of university professors, and experts among the ranks of senior military officers, and renowned diplomats and international civil servants.


CEDS is beginning its fourth decade with a new partnership with UNESCO signed on October 2017 and is confident in its ability to promote peace studies.


pascal chaigneau About us


University Professor

Barrister specialist in international law
Former Honorary General Consul
Director of H.E.C. Center for Geopolitics,
Dean and Founder of CEDS


Centre d’Études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (C.E.D.S.) was created in 1986 in order to provide appropriate knowledge and skills to Diplomats, governments’ civilian and military senior officers in addition to senior executives of private companies from all over the world and to enable them to update and improve diplomatic practice, political decision-making process and governance.

CEDS provides Diplomats and Government senior officers two kinds of programmes:

  • Graduating programmes at Postgraduate and PhD level

  • Special training sessions in various areas related to their activities in diplomacy, strategy and international relations.