Starts on Monday June 7, 2022

Purpose :

The Asia-Pacific area extended from Est Asia to the  South Pacific Islands is at the core of the international exchanges flows, and became the new center of gravity for the US Strategy. An Asia-Pacific teaching programme is expected to provide an advanced teaching on the geopolitical dynamics that take place inside this area among its main powers (China, Japan) as well as a knowledge of its areas of emergence, in addition to an  analysis of the geopolitical balance of force and of the diversity of conflicts and crisis.

Prerequisite :

A Master 1 grade  and four years of professional experience as an executive, a diplomat or a civil servant.

The schedule :

Six months of lectures and specialized workshops.

A timeline of six months to present and defend a research thesis.

The lectures are provided one intensive week   every  two months, face to face or through videoconference.

The topics :

Fundamental courses

  • The geopolitical and economic evolution of East Asia and the China-Japan balance of force
  • The geostrategic balance of force in the South Pacific
  • Regional organizations and economic integration in South East Asia
  • The confrontation between China , United States- and Russia
  • The maritime strategies of the emerging powers


  • Workshop in diplomatic and geopolitical studies
  • Workshop in research methodology
Awards :

After the candidate passes successfully the  courses and workshops he is awarded a “Asia Pacific studies session certificate”

After the presentation and the successful defence of his research thesis, he/she is awarded the “Executive Postgraduate in Asia Pacific Studies”


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